Your task is to convince as many of your fellow friends to attend a Gray Havens concert as you can. REWARDS (exclusive merch) and HONORS (Master Fellows and Fellows of the First Order) are yours for the taking! Thanks so much in advance for all your help! Hope to see you at the concert!

The Gray Havens (aka Dave and Licia)

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LOCATION: If you don't see a show near where you live, never fear! Please enter the nearest major city to where you reside (city, state) followed by YOUR personal zipcode, (in that order if you please!) and we'll reach out when we're coming through! (Ex. Nashville, TN, 37174)
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OTHER CITIES: Other than your answers above.... Is there a MAJOR city (100,000 people or more), if you drew a 30 mile radius around it, where you know 10 or more friends you could invite to a show? (Ex. Chicago, IL)
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Are you up for helping out in future to promote a different show and/or spreading the word on socials when we release new music? *
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