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Has type/layout that is reader friendly
Is updated about environment and sustainability- related topics
Is well designed
Helps me to understand ecological topics
Inspires me to take positive action
Has articles that cover major green issues
Delves deeper as compared to the other environmental magazines I read
Is among my favourite magazines
Provides unbiased information about environmental issues
Is a credible source to learn about eco-friendly products and services
Which of the following topics will you be interested in reading in the future issues of TerraGreen?
Which section did you find the most interesting?
TERI Analysis
In Conversation (interview)
Cover Story
Special Report
Green Challenges
Terra Youth
Environment research
Wildlife + Meneka speaks
Are you aware of reading/accessing TerraGreen's digital edition from any of these portals?
What has been your reading experience on the TerraGreen website?
Need improvements
Page download
Visual impact
User interface
Easy navigation
Based on your own experience, how do you compare TerraGreen to other similar publications?
Needs improvement (-2)
Others are better (-1)
Cannot be compared (0)
TG is good (1)
TG is much better (2)
Down To Earth
Sanctuary Asia
Renewable watch
The Ecologist
How do we contact you for your renewal subscription of TerraGreen?
Educational qualification
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