Covid-19 Open Questions Survey
The COVID-19  pandemic has impacted everyone in society in some way. Better understanding of how people  with varied experiences and expertise are thinking about the many uncertainties would be useful.  

This survey includes 12 multiple choice questions seeking your opinions about COVID-19 and societies responses. We recognize that knowledge and opinions are evolving quickly. We anticipate repeating this survey in the future.

We aim to analyze your anonymous responses to support reflection and conversation about these uncertainties and the ways that they challenge an optimal societal response.

You are welcome to share the survey widely. If you would to use this survey with a defined group of participants please contact the study team at the contact address below to arrange this.

The project will post updated summary results at the URL below.  We will also make all data from this survey available in a public database soon. The survey  does not collect any personal identifiers but does require your signing in to a gmail account or another google hosted email account.  

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Please rate your opinion of the overall value, meaning the social benefit versus the social cost, for each of the following types of infection control activities in your country or state. Rate each activity type independently and assume that there is sufficient technical capacity and public will to implement the activity well.
1 (Highest Value)
5 (Lowest Value)
Testing people with symptoms
Restricting gatherings of more than100 people
Contact tracing for people with positive tests
Screening workers and limiting visitors in nursing homes
Screening people for symptoms in public places
Closing restaurants, bars, and gyms
Closing schools
Restricting international travel
Hand washing, wearing masks, and other individual behaviors
Requiring people to stay in their homes
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Please rate your agreement with the following five statements about your government's Covid-19 response.
In most places, going forward, voluntary behaviors and targeted disease control measures, such as widespread testing and contact tracing, should be enough to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) from overwhelming hospitals.
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In most places, going forward, closure of some kinds of businesses and orders making people stay in their homes will still be needed to prevent Covid-19 from overwhelming  hospitals.
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Policy actions to control Covid-19 could do more to anticipate and mitigate the adverse impacts of controlling Covid-19,  including adverse effects on health, the economy, and vulnerable parts of the population.
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To date, acknowledging the many uncertainties, governmental responses to control Covid-19 in my country have done a good job balancing the benefits of preventing the spread of infection against the harms to other social and health needs.
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Understanding that the costs and benefits of governmental  actions to control Covid-19 fall differently on different people based on, for example, their age, work, income or ethnicity.  Would you say that the actions taken to date have been fair and just to everyone affected?
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Some people feel that the crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic creates an opportunity to find new ways of living and working that are better for everyone. Others are concerned about how the coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) and response are generating significant collateral damage.  Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about how the Covid-19 pandemic will change our future?
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The following questions concerns knowledge related to the Covid-19 coronavirus.
What factor is most responsible for why the Covid-19 epidemic progresses differently in different places.
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How likely is it that getting coronavirus (Covid-19)  infection once will protect people from  re-infection?
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What is the best estimate of the average fatality rate for all people infected with Covid-19 in your country?
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In your county, how many times higher is the risk of dying from Covid-19 infection for people over 65 years old com as compared to people under 50 years of age.
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Which statement best expresses the current science on coronavirus (Covid-19)  and children?
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Please feel free below to provide any additional thoughts about this survey or the Covid-19 pandemic.
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