Church Sound Survey
Earlier this month we emailed you about a very important survey being done regarding the sound system at St Thomas of Canterbury.

So far we have had about 30 very helpful replies but we very much would like to hear from more of you.

PLEASE would anyone who has not yet replied complete the attached survey and mail it back to us
Our apologies to those who previously tried to mail us and could not - unfortunately there were some gremlins in the system that are now eradicated.

May we stress we are wanting to know your thoughts before lockdown -not the quality of sound in the streamed Masses
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What is your name? *
About you - please indicate age *
Is there a particular Mass you usually attend? If so, which one? *
How would you describe your hearing? *
Do you use a hearing aid? If so, do you use the hearing aid loop system? *
Generally is the quality of the sound system in the Church adequate for you to hear both the Celebrant and the readers clearly? *
If not adequate is this just occasional or regularly occurring? *
How good do you rate the sound system in the Church? *
Quality of the sound? *
Some Clergy / Readers are difficult to hear because of their speech or use of the microphone? *
Please indicate where you usually sit? *
Finally - it may be possible to improve the quality of the sound by both spending time with the Priests and readers and also by investing in newer equipment. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on this if so do tell us below (use as much space as you need)? *
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