Scientific Technology Use Survey
Dear Scientist, Surveyor, Archivist, Historian, Archaeologist, Museologist, Communicator, Technology User, Explorer,
Dreamer of Impossible Dreams,

Tanzle would like to invite you to participate in designing the future. We are all struggling in the current data avalanche to find new ways to collect, interpret, and share information with one another and with the world at large. We are all seeking new ways to visualize ‘meaning.’

What we need are bigger, better systems to weave all of that entangled knowledge together.

That’s what Tanzle is here to do: build the tools we have only dared to dream of in science fiction movies and make them a reality.

Tanzle is the new company from the founders and inventors of Z-Space (holographic displays). As we build our new technologies at Tanzle, we would like to create a robust feedback loop with the research and dissemination communities to ensure that the new wave of technology in the virtual renaissance is based on the needs and desires of its most profound users.

The following survey is the beginning in that feedback loop. We hope you’ll participate and join us in developing your next generation of technologies.

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