Post 248 Hall Rental
The Post 248 Hall can be rented with a deposit of $250 at the rate of $75 per hour Sunday thru Friday, $100 per hour on Saturday, (Min of 4 hour rental) 2 hour setup and 2 hour clean up at no cost and no Air Conditioning. NO DATES ARE GURARANTEED TILL DEPOSIT IS RECIEVED AND CONFIRMED BY POST 248 !!!! MAX Capacity of building is 125
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Terms & Conditions
Deposit fee will be returned if there is no breakage, damage or loss to the building contents and Hall is cleaned after the event to include taking all trash from the Hall, kitchen and bathrooms to the dumpster. Kitchen must be cleaned if used. Chairs are to be put on top of tables and floor is to be swept (mopped if there is spillage) including bathrooms and kitchen. Outside premises must be cleaned of any and all debris from event.

Deposit is non-refundable due to cancellation 30 days before event. The deposit will become refundable if we are able to rent the Hall on the date reserved. If hall is not cleaned by next morning after the event the deposit becomes non-refundable. All damages or non-performance of this agreement will be deducted from deposit .(STRICTLY ENFORCED)

The charge for each additional hour or fraction thereof is your hourly rate plus tax. The rental fee must be paid no later than thirty (30) days prior to scheduled event, and is non- refundable in the event of cancellation. The charge for additional hours is due 3 days before the event and only if agreed upon by management.

Decorations are permitted on ceilings and walls (no staples or nails are to be used). Nothing is to be hung from the ceiling fans. All decorations must be removed completely after event.

Liquor, wine and beer – We do NOT have a license to sell alcohol. Unless you hire a caterer that has a liquor license and is fully insured you can not sell liquor, wine or beer, you can only give it away. You , as the renter are responsible for any and all legal action caused by your event related to the consumption of these beverages. An employee will be present during events and will request all liquor to stop being served if they deem it necessary for the protection of others. Alcohol is not allowed in the parking lot unless the Event has been noted and agreed to as an outside event.

Building Access — Renter agrees that the number given above and only that number will be used to contact management for access to the building for decorating prior to the event. When calling from that number they agree to taking full responsibility of the premises such as locking the door when they leave and understand that their event is not to start until the start time noted above.

Parking on site: We have limited parking on site all parking outside of our property will be at renter own risk and Post 248 have no liability

No smoking within building

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