News Nerd Census
It seems like news developers/journocoders folks have pretty diverse backgrounds, but despite that, a lot of journalists/students seem to be under the impression that they don't have the right background to become one. But that's just anecdotal - hard data or bust, right?

"Do I count as a news nerd?"
If you're unsure, you should fill this out. Don't overthink it. What I mean by news nerd is: person who does journalistic stuff that involves code. This means developers, interactive dataviz people, UX designers, data journalists, civic hackers, and anyone else who is a bit NICARious.

All questions are optional.

What did you study in school?
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How long have you been a news developer-ish person? (in years)
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Before you became a news developer-ish person, what were you doing?
How long ago did you start learning to code? (in years)
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How old were you when you started learning to code? (in years)
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Around what percentage of your job involves coding?
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