BreachPro: Information Security Compliance Quiz
Are you prepared for an information security compliance audit? Is your firm compliant with federal, state, and industry regulations and best practices for safeguarding client information?

Below are 8 of the roughly 80 compliance requirements and best practices you and your firm should be following. Get a high level indication of how you are doing with this fast and simple quiz.

A score of 3 or more = HIGH RISK / SIGNIFICANT LIABILITY. Enter your email address below to get the results of your test.

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1. Do you have a formalized Information Security and Compliance Plan -- and is it updated every year?
1 point
2. Do you conduct the required data breach Risk and Compliance Assessment at least once a year?
1 point
3. Do you have a formal information security training program and is everyone in your firm regularly trained and tested?
1 point
4. Do you conduct regular compliance-based vulnerability assessments on your computer(s), network(s), and website(s)?
1 point
5. Do you have information security agreements in place with each of your service providers, vendors, and other business associates?
0 points
6. Do you have a formalized data breach Incident Response Plan that meets federal, state, and industry standards?
1 point
7. Do you have the necessary security and compliance reports (such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC2) to quickly respond to security audits from key clients or regulators?
1 point
8. Do you have adequate cyber liability insurance to help you survive a data breach incident?
1 point
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