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What sector or industry does your business belong to? *
What are the key challenges affecting the growth of your business? Select all that apply *
Source of power for conducting your business
What energy source do you use in running your business? Tick all that applies *
Given the recent challenges in energy such as scarcity and increase in prices, is there a plan to transition to renewable sources of energy e.g. solar power? *
How will you describe the rate of staff turnover at your company? *
In response to (question above), which of the following factors are responsible for the recent staff turnover in your business? *
How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business? Please add comment in the box below *
 Please describe its impact in more detail (no more than 300 words) (e.g. % growth or decline in revenue, workforce etc)
Has the pandemic changed the mode of operations for your staff e.g. Hybrid work arrangements? *
How did your business respond to government's lockdown directive during the COVID-19 pandemic? *
Raw materials
Input used in conducting your business operation
Where do you source for your raw materials? *
Standardization of processes
A document that explains processes and actions to be carried out at every stage of your business operations
Do you have a Standard Operating Procedure document? *
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