400th Episode Ideas

This episode should be hitting the air sometime around the Tour (Oct 2015). Doing a special show requires a lot of forethought and - based on some of the ideas i've heard so far - might also require a lot of help. Ideas and contact info (if appropriate) are below. Once you've entered your answers, you'll be able to see other people's responses and edit your response, too, if you like. No idea is too crazy. Seriously. You should know that by now.
    My thought was that people could send you little bits of audio of their favorite classic literature in the public domain - a poem, a few paragraphs, whatever, sort of in the spirit of what Ehren did for their anniversary episode.
    We could do a few poetry classics—a Shakespeare sonnet, Daffodils, Tyger tyger burning bright, etc. Perhaps listener-read?
    We could hear favorite quotes from the books that have appeared on CraftLit. Folks could call in and just read their favorite lines.
    Select a short story and have each of us who "signs on" read a sentence (or passage or paragraph) assigned randomly or by order of sign-in. (We could use the voicemail.)
    How about an award ceremony? Favourite book by listeners, most listened book, best character by different criteria, favourite readers etc etc. if you don't have time to collect votes you could just make it all up in a funny creative way (more like a spoof award ceremony)! You ARE amazing! You could totally do that!
    Talk about readers' experience with using their favorite "WWMDK?" pattern.
    Discuss the use of handcrafts in works of literature, (i.e. Jane's shawl in Jane Eyre, or Madame Defarge's knitting). I'm sure there are lots of other examples, but those are the ones that pop to mind of course! For example, is the handwork symbolic of something in the text? Is it used as a literary device of some kind? Indicating passage of time, or mental/emotional state, or... I'm sure someone has written a thesis on this subject that we could get our hands on? Maybe a listener? Let's make sure not to forget the "Craft" in "Craftlit"!
    I would love to hear about memories of favorite books and/or reading experiences from others - how reading has affected our lives.
    (I'll add more as we go) 
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