KP/WA 2018 Union Contract Bargaining Survey
Our own OPEIU Local 8 Contract negotiations begin soon! To ensure our voices get heard and our Union Contract reflects our priorities, we need your participation. Survey information collected will be used to identify workplace solutions and develop contract bargaining proposals for our local Agreement.

Make Your Voice Count! Submit your Survey by Monday, June 4.

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Priorities—which workplace issues do you care about most?
Give each of the items in this section a rating using the following guidelines:

High Priority: I feel strongly enough about this issue to take action to obtain it. For example, I’d be willing to attend a rally, press conference, other community event, leaflet my workplace or, if necessary, picket to win on this issue.

Medium Priority: I feel strongly enough about this issue to participate in workplace activities to obtain it, such as signing a petition, attending a meeting, wearing a button or talking to fellow co-workers.

Low Priority: I feel this issue may be important but it isn’t as important as other issues.

Place a check in the boxes below to rate your priorities based on the instructions above. Add any comments and/or examples in the space provided at the end of the survey.
Improve ability to take time off from work
Add additional steps to the wage scale
Improve training opportunities
Stop subcontracting out or transferring of our work to non-union employees
Address workload issues
Increase opportunities for promotion and advancement
Secure fair wage increases each year of the Contract
Protect seniority for layoffs, promotions, vacations and other areas
Strengthen layoff language
Apply all terms of the KP National Agreement to KP/WA
Other priority (write in and rate High, Medium or Low)
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2nd other priority (write in and rate High, Medium or Low)
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Please answer the following questions:
Please be sure to fill out the contact section at the beginning of the survey so we can follow up on any of your responses below. You can add additional information at the end of the survey.
In addition to the approximately 2% step increase that most receive based on one year of service, we will be seeking an across-the-board increase each year of the Contract. What would you consider a fair across-the-board increase for each year of the Contract?
If your position should be reclassified (to a higher group or different position) or upgraded, please provide details:
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Do you know of OPEIU bargaining unit work being performed by non-union employees at KP/WA? If yes, please provide examples:
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Are there any issues you’d like the Union Bargaining Team to address concerning your ability to take time off from work (either vacation or sick leave) or your ability to take medical or other types of leave? If yes, please provide details:
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Please give any examples of workload issues and/or standard work processes/procedures you would like to see addressed in contract negotiations:
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Have you suffered an on the job injury in the last three years? Please explain how and if you felt supported by your Employer.
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Are you getting your 15-minute breaks on a regular basis?
If not, please provide details:
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Are you getting your lunch breaks?
If not please explain how often they are missed or more than 5 hours from your start time or challenged when submitted for pay.
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Please use the space below to elaborate on any of your responses or to add any other priority issue.
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Steps to Negotiate a Strong Union Contract
Our Bargaining Team can’t secure a strong Union Contract without all of us working together and staying united. Our Union is only as strong as we make it. Please be sure to fill out the contact information at the beginning of the survey so we keep you updated!
Yes, I’d like to be on the Contract Action Team (CAT) for my work area. This means supporting my Bargaining Team by distributing flyers and other Union information, staying informed during contract negotiations to educate co-workers and occasionally bringing information back to the bargaining table.
Yes, I’d be willing to attend meetings, wear a button, sign a petition or do similar actions to help win a fair Contract.
Yes, I support my Bargaining Team and will stay informed during negotiations by reading my Bargaining Updates and checking our Union’s website at
It hurts us at the bargaining table when employers compare us to non-union worker standards. Help non-union workers become union in healthcare. Check here if you have a friend/family member who works without the benefit of a Union Contract. Fill in contact information on the front page so we can follow up.
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