BGTees Shirt Survey
Wear what you play, play what you wear.
What tabletop games would you like to see on BGTees? (press ENTER after each title)
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For the tabletop game(s) you mentioned, would you rather have a shirt with just the game logo, or one that also includes artwork from the game?
Do you prefer board game artwork on the front of a shirt, or on the back?
Think of other shirts you've bought with company logos, or graphic art. What color shirt do you most often buy?
Think of your favorite tabletop game. WHERE is your favorite artwork? Choose One.
Would you rather pay less for a shirt that comes only in black or white, or slightly more for a shirt that comes in a wide range of colors?
Currently, BGTees carries a standard t-shirt style. Would you like options to buy other shirt styles?
Finally, use this space to offer suggestions or comments for our site,, our Facebook presence, or any other item you'd like us to consider. Thank you for answering our survey!
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