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Shape the future of Theo by sharing what you would like to see (more organic t-shirts? Less gym selfies?), any improvements I can make, and whether having a functional pocket on a linen shirt is worth it or not. (That's an in-joke, are you following us on Instagram?!)

Theo is a community of like-minded world-changers and every bit of feedback helps me create clothing you want to wear, love and cherish, so I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!
At Theo, I shop for *
I heard about Theo through *
The number one reason I'm in this community is because *
The second most important reason I'm in this community is because *
Any reasons not mentioned above? Comments are welcome too!
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I have an idea for how Theo could be THAT much better! [I want to improve everything about Theo! Is there something on the website that annoys you? Does oversharing on Instagram get on your nerves? Did your pants shrink in the wash? Help me improve :)]
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Help me make some decisions about the new SUMMER collection!
I would prefer linen pants that are *
My favourite casual skirts are *
White linen is a *
Aside from black and white, what colour would you like to wear this summer? Try to steer clear of trendy colours, we want you to wear Theo next year, and the year after that too!
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My absolute go-to summer pieces are... (The more detail, the better! Also, for getting this far I'd like to say thank you with a $10 online store voucher. Just use the code TEAMTHEO when you're checking out!)
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Thank you for being in this community! Any parting words? (I have a couple - you're amazing!)
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