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How to become a THEM voluntary translator?

Thank you for your interest in working together with THEM to reduce language barrier faced by ethnic minorities in accessing community information! Apply to become our voluntary translators by filling out the form below as complete as possible. If your profile and background matches the services, we will contact you shortly.

Frequently-asked Questions

1. What job types and file formats do you support?

Most of the translations will be general text from notice, leaflet and commercial etc. – community information.

2. How do I get notified of new task?

You are going to join a whatsapp group. You will see the translation request directly in the group.

3. How do I know if I am a suitable voluntary translator?

We may send you a short translation test via email to know better about your translation capacity. It only takes you a short period of time.


Any personal information that you submit through this registration form will be stored on our servers and will be used for volunteer recruitment purposes only. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent. By submitting information through this registration form, you agree that we may use the information for recruitment purposes.

The information helps us to identify a suitable position for you.

Thank you! :)

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