Maths Student Questionnaire 2019
Year *
What course are you taking (if in Year 12)
When you are stuck on your homework, what is your first reaction? *
Please indicate how often you would do the following when completing homework: *
Every homework
Check your notes
Use a textbook
Research online
Ask your peers
Ask a teacher for help before the deadline
Ask a parent/other relative for help
Roughly, in hours per week, how long do you spend on independent study for maths besides your homework? (It is absolutely fine if the answer to this is 0!)
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If applicable, please list any independent study activities you complete
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To what extent do you agree with the following statements?
Strongly disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly agree
Not applicable
Maths homework helps me consolidate my understanding of the content.
I have time to consolidate Maths outside of homework time.
Quick checks are helpful to know where I need to focus consolidation.
How does your independent study and homework in Maths compare to your other subjects? (e.g. you may comment on length and style of homework and other activities you are encouraged to complete. Please give specific examples where possible.)
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What have you liked most about Maths this year?
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What more could the Maths department do to help you?
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Any other comments
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