#PAUC19 | Speaker Interest Form
Here are the terms, conditions and expectations from PAUC19 Speakers. Please read this section entirely before submitting your PAUC19 Session Proposal on section 2 of the "#PAUC19 | Speaker Interest Form".

Abbreviations or short forms used:
- "PAUC": Pune Agile UnConference
- "PAUC19": Pune Agile UnConference 2019
- "Event": Pune Agile UnConference 2019
- "Venue": Hyatt Regency, Viman Nagar, Pune
- "PAUC Team": The organising team of the Pune Agile UnConference 2019
- "ScaleUp": Scale Up Private Limited
- "Applicant(s)": PAUC19 Speaker Applicant(s)
- "Proposal(s)" / "Session Proposal(s)": The proposal(s) submitted by Applicant(s) for PAUC19 session though submission of the "#PAUC19 | Speaker Interest Form" (https://forms.gle/CR9DbmuQTXHp6VFV9)
- "Review Panel": A autonomous team of Agile professionals accountable for reviewing and evaluating the PAUC19 Session Proposals
- "Speaker(s)" / "Selected Speaker(s)": PAUC19 Speaker(s) selected after the review and evaluation by the Review Panel

#PAUC19 | Speaker Interest Form | Terms, Conditions and Expectations:

1. The selected Speaker will be provided with one free entry ticket (non-transferable) for PAUC19 to be held on 4th August 2019 at Hyatt Regency (Viman Nagar, Pune).

2. The PAUC Team or ScaleUp will not provide any allowance for related travel or stay for the Speaker. The Speakers need to themselves manage their travel and stay related to PAUC19.

3. No monetary or any other kind of compensation or professional fees shall be given to the selected Speakers.

4. The Applicant is required to respond back with relevant information to the PAUC19 Team within 24 hours of being approached through email, phone call or any other appropriate medium.

5. The Applicant authorises the PAUC19 Team and ScaleUp to use his/her photograph, related video(s), designation, professional information available on LinkedIn or any social media for the publicity of PAUC or PACU19. The Applicant also authorises the PAUC19 Team and ScaleUp to tag their profile on social media posts related to PAUC.

6. The identity of the Review Panel will not be disclosed to the Applicants or Speakers.

7. The Proposals will be evaluated by the Review Panel through prioritisation of session proposals based on multiple parameters (like Freshness of the Topic, Relevance to the audience, Alignment to the PAUC19 Theme, etc.).

8. The decision of the Review Panel to select or reject a Proposal will be communicated to the Applicant by the PAUC19 Team, and will be final and binding.

9. No canvassing for a topic or Speaker selection would be entertained by the PAUC19 Team.

10. The format of PAUC19 requires the Speakers to engage with attendees at multiple times during the Event. Hence, the Speakers need to be at the Venue for the entire duration (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) of the Event on 4th August 2019.

11. If the Speaker is a resident of Pune, he/she will be needed at the Venue on the evening of 3rd August 2019 for a technical dry-run. The schedule of the dry-run will be communicated to the Speaker by the PAUC19 Team.

12. Speakers must share the soft copy of the presentation or any other artefact that would be used for their PAUC19 session prior to the Event. The schedule or key timelines will be shared with the selected speakers by the PAUC19 Team.

13. Speaker should ensure that any references used are clearly acknowledged and given the due credit.

14. The presentation content in the slides/ handouts should be original work of the Speaker and not plagiarised. In case the content is found to be plagiarised/objectionable, the responsibility of defence rests solely with the Speaker and the PAUC19 Team or ScaleUp shall no way be a party to any legal / litigation issues thereafter.

15. Any liabilities or legal disputes arising out of the Speaker session at PAUC19 will be sole accountability of the Speaker(s) and the PAUC19 Team and ScaleUp will not be responsible under any circumstances.

16. The PAUC19 team will require a short promotional video (of duration less than 90 seconds) of the Speaker on the selected topic. The PAUC19 Team will collaborate with the Speaker during the making of this video as this video has to meet certain format for PAUC19.

17. The Speakers authorise the PAUC19 Team, or the professionals chosen by the PAUC19 Team, to shoot the photographs or the video of their session. No representative of the selected speaker shall be allowed to record the PAUC19 session without appropriate permission from the PAUC19 Team.

18. Any email communication related to your session proposal must happen with the email ID: PAUC19@ScaleUpConsultants.com, with an appropriate and relevant subject line.

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