Youth Discipleship Interest Survey
We are looking for YOUR unique charisms of the Holy Spirit to bring our youth ministry program to the next level! We need teens and adults to make it work!  

Overview of Divine Mercy Catholic Church Youth Ministry Programs:  

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Preschool/Elementary) - Scripture, Liturgy, and the history of our faith is presented in a Montessori based approach.  Assistants are needed to help prepare materials and guide students in reading and completing their individual works. 

First Communion (2nd grade and up) - Students receive instruction and preparation for reconciliation and the reception of the Eucharist, the most holy body and blood of Jesus.  Catechists and assistants are needed for Wednesday nights as well as spring workshops.  Assisting these students is a great way to revive your own love of the sacraments.

Edge (Middle School) - The purpose of Edge is to help middle schoolers encounter Christ through fun games and skits, dynamic talks and intimate small groups. Each Edge night consists of gathering in a large group, proclaiming God's word, breaking into small groups led by high school leaders, ending with prayer and worship, then sending them off to spread the Good News.  

Lifeteen (High School) Lifeteen Life Nights serve a profound purpose: empowering high schoolers to embrace a transformative encounter with Christ. These engaging sessions offer invaluable opportunities for teenagers to delve deeper into their faith, fostering an environment where they can openly share their beliefs with their peers through heartfelt witness talks and interactive discussions. Moreover, these gatherings provide vital insights into the challenges that today's teenagers face, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and overcome these obstacles.

Confirmation (8th Grade - 12th Grade) - During this transformative process, candidates engage in various activities and teachings that deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and strengthen their relationship with God. Under the guidance of dedicated leaders, candidates learn about the significance and symbolism of the sacrament, explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and reflect on their personal commitment to living a life rooted in faith. Through prayer, study, and participation in communal activities, the candidates are prepared to receive the grace and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, marking a significant milestone in their spiritual growth within the Catholic Church.
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Review the following volunteer opportunities and indicate your interest. 

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd -Ages 18+

The CGS assistant can work with children ages 3-6 or 6-9 on Wednesdays.  There are two sessions: 4:00-5:30pm or 5:45-7:15pm.  Substitutes are needed as well if you cannot commit to weekly times.


First Communion Catechist or Assistant -Ages 16+

Classes meet 5:45-7:15pm on Wednesdays.   Curriculum is provided and each classroom has at least two leaders.   Substitutes are needed as well if you cannot commit to weekly times.


Confirmation Prep Leader - 21+

The Confirmation Prep Leader is an adult who helps to facilitate engaging and meaningful discussions among confirmation candidates. They assist in organizing retreats and other activities that promote spiritual development and foster a sense of community among the candidates. Confirmation Prep Leaders play an integral part in nurturing the candidates' faith journey, preparing them to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and embrace their role as active members of the Catholic Church.


Adult Core Team (Lifeteen - Sun nights) Age 21+

The adult core leader will help run the High School Lifeteen Life Nights on Sundays from 6-7:30 pm. We will have both large and small group activities, and you will help lead a small group.


Adult Core Team (Edge - Wed nights) Age 21+

The adult core leader will help run the Middle School Edge Nights Wednesdays from 5:45 - 7:15 pm. We will have both large and small group activities, and you will help to provide guidance to teens in large and small groups.


Teen Core Team (Lifeteen - Sun nights) - Confirmed 11th and 12th Graders

The teen core leaders will consist of teens to help lead games, discussions, and welcome new teens to our Lifteen nights and youth group activities.


Teen Core Team (Edge/Confirmation - Wed nights) - Confirmed 14-18 yr olds

The Edge teen core team will consist of teens to help run Edge for our middle school youth. You will help with skits, small groups, large group activities, music, prayer, and worship.

The Confirmation core team will assist the adult leader during confirmation class.


Prayer Team - All Ages

The prayer ministry will consist of teens and adults to cover our middle schoolers, teens, and adults with prayer during Lifeteen and Edge nights.


Meal Planning (Lifeteen - Sun nights) All Ages

We want to be able to feed our teens once a week after the 5:00 pm Mass and before Lifeteen Nights. The meal planning ministry will help consist of teens and adults to organize, find donations, and/or plan food for our Lifeteen nights.


Retreat Planning - All Ages

This retreat planning ministry will consist of teens and adults to help plan middle school, high school, and confirmation retreats.


Youth Mass Liturgy (Sun 5 pm Mass) - All Ages

We need teens and adults to help plan the teen mass liturgy for our teen masses approximately once per month.


Youth Group Event Planning - All Ages

The event planning ministry will consist of teens and adults to help brainstorm and assist with fun youth group activities throughout the year.

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Thank you for completing this interest survey. Please contact Katie Opsal (  or Dana Pemrick ( at 507-334-7706 if you have any further questions or feedback.
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