Phillips County Variance - Event Request
With the most recent Phillips County Variance, you need to complete a variance request ONLY if your event is over 175 persons indoors, not exceeding 50% room capacity ensuring a minimum of 28 square feet per person, or 250 persons outdoors. You must submit this Event Request Form at least five (5) days prior to the event if possible. After completing this online form and pressing “Submit”, a copy of the Event Request will automatically be sent to the Phillips County Administration for review. Your request will be forwarded to the Northeast CO Health Department (NCHD) for review and be approved or denied. You will receive a response to your request from Phillips County Administration promptly.
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Contact person's first and last name
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Is this a one time event or recurring event? If recurring, please provide all future dates or schedule.
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What is the scheduled start time and end time of the Event
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What is the name of the event and provide a brief description
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Attendance *
How many people will be attending? All public events are currently limited to a maximum of 175 indoor or 250 outdoor attendees, and attendance must not exceed 50% capacity of the posted occupancy code ensuring a minimum of 28 square feet per person. If your event meets those guidelines you do not need to submit this Event Request Form. If you are asking for attendance beyond the approved Variance, please list how many you plan on having in attendance.
Personal Hygiene *
Will you have personal hygiene products (hand sanitizer and/or wipes) available for the attendees?
Barrier Masks *
Will you be recommending to attendees to wear masks when possible?
Restrooms/Porta-potties *
Do you have a plan for restrooms/porta-potties and sanitizing them?
Social Distancing *
Will you be encouraging attendees to maintain a 6 foot distancing when possible?
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