Multisharing platform
This is a quick survey to identify the digital needs of sharing communities and people participating in unconditional sharing.
Have you taken part, online or offline, in any sharing activity during the past week? *
Sharing includes giving or receiving, borrowing or lending any kind of item, without monetary transactions
Have you used any kind of digital means for sharing, even if only to search for an item, during the past week?
Consider digital means as sharing platforms, Facebook, e-mail, mobile apps, etc.
If you have ever used any digital means for sharing, was it a tool for sharing a specific thing - like Couchsurfing for a place to stay and Foodsharing for food - or was it a tool for sharing any kind of item?
From 1 to 5, how experienced do you consider yourself in using digital tools for sharing?
Not experienced at all
A lot of experience
Are you are developer or do you have any experience in programming?
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