London Acrobatics Convention 2019 Registration Form

You are signing up for the 3 full days of the convention.
Dates: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th September 2019
Location: University of East London, Sport Dock, University Way London E16 2RD
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Tell us about your practice
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Accommodation & Parking at the venue
If you are local, please consider offering sofa/bed/floor space for our travelling acrobats.
If you are travelling please list a request there if you will need a place to stay.
Accommodation *
If driving in please tick the days that you plan to park at the venue (Note we are short on parking space on Friday and have plenty on Sat & Sun)
Bringing Minors (persons under the age of 18)
Please list their names and ages (We are looking at organising a space with child minders)
Please note you are responsible for their safety and if they are old enough to attend a workshop you or a designated adult must attend the workshop with them.
Emergency Contact Information
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Medical Information
Do you have any known injuries, disabilities or conditions, past or present, which may limit your ability to train acrobatics or other physical exercise? *
If yes please add further details here
If yes, are you aware of what forms of exercise you should and should not do so as to avoid worsening your injury, or risking the health of yourself and those with whom you are working?
Clear selection
If no, this will result in either further questioning or being barred from participating in the London Acrobatic Convention.
Safety and Risk Declaration
If you answer negatively to any of the questions below this will result in either further questioning or a bar from participating in the London Acrobatic Convention.
I understand that this activity has risks, may incur a personal injury, illness or death to both myself or those that I train with. I acknowledge the London Acrobatic Convention will take all reasonable steps to ensure safety. I understand that they cannot be liable for my own actions, for which I must take responsibility, or for those of a third party. *
I understand that it is my sole responsibility to participate in exercises that are appropriate for my physical and technical ability. *
I understand that there are obligatory spotting workshops during the convention that I will attend. *
I am aware that activities at the London Acrobatic Convention are potentially dangerous to myself and to those with whom I am training with, and that I will act responsibly towards myself and to those that I train with. If I am uncertain about how to act safely, I will ask the teachers for advice. *
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Please use the payment link to make your payment. Once your payment is processed, an e-ticket will be issued. There will be a "ticket code" under the bar code, that you need to paste in the box below.
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