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You do not have to be white to participate, but these groups are intended for white members of TC SURJ because...
- White people are responsible for dismantling white supremacy, and these discussions are part of our collective work in the white community to make that happen.
- We do not want to burden people of color by putting them in positions where they have to do the emotional labor of educating and supporting white people. We need to take responsibility for educating ourselves and
learning how not to be “fragile” in having discussions about race and accountability.

The discussions are open to all white people looking to deepen their commitment to anti-racist work, regardless of previous experience. If you’re brand new to these conversations, you are welcome here. If you consider yourself more aware, keep in mind that one of the tenets of SURJ is “inviting people in” to the conversation – not shaming and blaming – and this is an excellent way to practice that.
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We are aiming to have groups be a mixture of experienced and newer folks. The “levels” below are a modification based on Dr. Sharroky Hollie’s concept of Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning. Dr. Sharroky Hollie is a national educator who provides professional development to thousands of educators in the area of cultural responsiveness. Since 2000, Dr. Hollie has trained over 150,000 educators and worked in nearly 2,000 classrooms. His levels are based on a swimming analogy.
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