OW 2018 Transport Request
Here, once again, is the OW Transport Application.

This year its been decided that OW Core Art and Camps get the whole truck!

As per Niko's fine wording last year:
We can't guarantee space and we won't haul your personal shite (so don't ask). Priority will go to conventionally shaped objects (that is to say, something with a base of square or rectangle). However, we'll to do our best to respond to and accommodate all reasonable requests.

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Approximate dimensions (length x width x height). If you have itemized list with dimensions even better. Please be as precise as possible. *
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You will have to get your Camp/Art to a central location and load it into the truck on June 20th. Do you understand this? *
You will have to unload and re-load your camp/art on site. Do you understand this? *
You will have to pick up your things from the truck back in town on the evening of Tuesday the 26th. Do you understand this? *
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