Manifesto for building an effective Ocean Knowledge System
 The starting point
A wide mobilization of all components of society is required for addressing today and future ocean challenges, and for seizing in a sustainable manner the development opportunities that the ocean offers.

 Our working assumption
An ocean knowledge system associating all stakeholders who are (1) producing, (2) translating and (3) using knowledge, is a prerequisite to effective ocean governance and to support wide mobilization and engagement. Such an ocean knowledge system needs to cover all aspects of the human-ocean connections and bring together different types of knowledge, from empirical knowledge to science and innovation.

 What can you do
Help us identify the priorities among the key principles and actions to go forward in the Manifesto.
Thank you!

Thank you!
The ResponSEAble and MARINA team
Key principles for the ocean knowledge system to support effective ocean governance:
Based on your experience, please identify the *three most relevant principles
To translate these principles to reality and contribute to making a change:
Based on your experience, please identify the *three most relevant 'ways forward'
Do you agree with the followings?
I don't know
Do not separate Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Ocean Literacy (OL): these are complementary components of the same Ocean Knowledge System
Keep the attention to the ocean, making explicit the role of ocean in the earth system. The ocean needs a voice to be heard.
Let’s put our heads out of the ocean, lets’ bring the ocean to the streets.
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