Rhizome Connect 2021 Volunteer Registration Form
Are you an ARMY that enjoys meeting and interacting with other ARMY in an online setting? Then you've clicked the right link.

Hello, and thank you for your interest in becoming a Rhizome Connect (RCon) 2021 Volunteer! We are excited to have a fun and exciting time as we prepare for an even better RCon experience than last year's. For RCon 2021, we're looking for volunteers who are comfortable engaging others, individually and in small groups while sometimes assisting Rhizome Connect Staff throughout the 5-day online event.

Rhizome Connect is a FREE, global virtual conference and convention, showcasing and celebrating BTS and ARMY research, fan projects, art, histories and everything Bangtan. Over the course of 5 days (November 3-7), fans of BTS, music enthusiasts, academics, and more, will gather in the unique RCon online ARMY community space to discuss, connect and learn with each other about a range of topics related to and inspired by BTS.

With a wide variety of volunteer roles available, we hope you'll find something that fits your interests. For more details and a list of the Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities please click the link:

*You do NOT have to be fluent in English
**we are seeking volunteers across all time zones - The event will be open 24 hours/day for 5 consecutive days

The volunteer schedule will be based on availability of each volunteer. We want to put people where they will have the most fun, so whether you're available for 1 day or all days, before the event or during all the action, it's all great!

If you have any questions about volunteering for Rhizome Connect, please email us at volunteers@RhizomeConnect.com
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