2017 SRVEF/SRVUSD Technology Initiative Official Grant Application
This is the official form for requesting funds for your school from SRVEF and the SRVUSD.

Program Overview

Consistent with the mission of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation to support public education in cooperation with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, we are pleased to introduce our Technology Initiative. This program is intended to advance the ongoing effort of our District to provide technology devices for students and teacher training in the use of such equipment across the SRVUSD. SRVEF has committed up to $5/student of matching funds to support this program and is hereby requesting that each school in the District submit a grant request which will be a collaboration between the school’s administration and the school’s Education Fund, detailing the scope of the project, the cost of the project, the local money committed and the projected benefits to be derived from the project. To be eligible, each affiliate school will be asked to have a plan to integrate this technology into their instructional program, and to remain on track to become a Digital Citizenship certified school. They must also be in good standing with SRVEF--all documents and payments submitted to Drop Box and strong attendance going forward at SRVEF Affiliate Meetings.

Each grant request will be reviewed by Foundation and District personnel and evaluated versus the award criteria and, once accepted, awarded with a committed funding letter from the Foundation. Each school Education Fund will be required to match the funding of SRVEF and will then work with their school administration to design and implement the project. The Foundation is offering up to $5/student to each SRVEF Affiliate Education Fund.

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District will also provide a grant of $5/student, tripling the investment potential for each school campus. The SRVUSD $5/student will be provided to all schools and is not tied to the school match. However, all schools will need to complete the application with the following requirements before their SRVUSD portion will be released to their budget.

A sample of the calculation for these matching grants is included herein.

The Grant request must be submitted to SRVEF no sooner than February 15, 2017, and no later than June 1, 2017. The Grant Request Application will be available online at the beginning of February.

Evaluation and Award
As noted on the Grant Application form, each grant will be evaluated on the basis of four (4) criteria:
1-Description of technology tool(s) and the educational impact on teachers and students through the application of this tool. (60%)
2-Depth and breadth of the Professional Development plan to improve teachers’ understanding of the tools and applications in the Classroom of the Future. (20%)
3- Articulation of the critical success factors that will be used to evaluate the results achieved from the Grant. (10%)
4- Number of teachers and students that will be directly and positively impacted by this grant. (10%)

Grants will be evaluated and awards will be made as they are submitted until June 1, 2017.

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Describe the technology tool(s) you plan to purchase and the educational impact on teachers and students through the application of these tools. *
Describe the depth and breadth of the professional development your school will implement to improve teachers' understanding of the tools and applications you hope to purchase. *
Describe the critical success factors you will use to evaluate the success of your project. *
Project how many teachers, other staff members, and/or students will be directly and positively impacted by your grant proposal. *
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How will the school and affiliate fund communicate to parents and community this cooperative project and intended results? *
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