who's a great example of social change the right way up?
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let's turn the social change sector upside down
can you share an example?
The right way up project (https://rightwayup.org.uk) is about re-imagining social change -- what if the non-profit ‘sector’ was flipped on its head?  Money and power in the hands of the people it’s meant to serve.  Initiatives built from and within communities, rooted in accountability to those communities.

We know there are great examples of people already doing this today -- could you share one?  It could help inform the project and inspire a radical, practical vision for the future of social change.
like what?
To name just one...  Edge Fund have been shaking up the power structures of funding.  They give grants in a participatory way, try to step back and let groups do what they know best, and fund those who want to challenge established systems.  More here:

But we know there are plenty more great examples out there!
what we're looking for
* Social change initiatives where money, power and accountability are squarely in the hands of the people they're meant to serve
* Informal groups/initiatives/movements or established organisations - we don't mind who
* Local, national or issue-based - we don't mind what the focus is
* Based in the UK (but could be working internationally)
* Genuinely radical and authentic
* Imperfect, still learning, open and honest about what's working and what isn't
what we're *not* looking for
* Things that look good on the surface but aren't truly what's described above
* Supposedly "radical" initiatives which are really just a tweak to established ways of doing things
* Initiatives/organisations that only present what's good about what they're doing

what will we do with your example?
We'll share all the suggestions we get publicly at https://rightwayup.org.uk (and you can see the spreadsheet live here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jMUTxEph76GMFEnVDiOTweB1rBU7BVt2-nkDPi_Entc/edit) so you and anyone else can benefit from them.

We'll feed these examples into the steering group we're assembling who will lead on right way up.  It'll be up to them, but hopefully some of the examples will become part of what the project publishes as a vision for social change the right way up -- so your example could inspire many others.
Name of the initiative/group/organisation you want to tell us about *
What do they do? *
Tell us a bit about them
How are they a great example of social change the right way up? *
Help us understand how they're really accountable to the right people - do you have an example or a story to bring it to life?
What could others learn from them? *
What sets them apart? How are they different?
Do you have any links you could share? (optional)
e.g. a video or a blog about them would be great if there is one, or at least their website
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