Supporting Women and Partners Through Miscarriage - Part II
This is the SECOND of a series of questions designed to gather real experiences and stories in the hope that we can better support women and families as they experience miscarriage.
The Project*
I've lost track of the number of women who have reached out to me since I wrote about my miscarriage and told my story. I've had countless messages from women who just need to connect with someone else who has been through it. Needing to talk. To vent. To have have someone listen.

Needing to feel less alone.

I'm working on something. and I need your help. I want to DO something to help better support women and their partners and families as they go through a miscarriage. There was SO MUCH that I felt ill prepared for as I had mine, and there are definitely things I wish I had better advocated for had I had better information at the time.

I'm hoping that you'll take a minute and share your experiences with me.. your answers are anonymous--I can't see who has submitted them. I just feel like it's time to bring this out of the shadows and into the light.
1) Where did you find the most support after your miscarriage? (Family, doctors, counselors, groups, social media, friends, etc) **If it is an online resource, please provide a link or details if possible!
2) Why did you find this person or resource so helpful? What did you connect with?
3) What were the most helpful things that people said or did for you while you were going through your miscarriage, or while you grieved afterward?
4) If you could offer some words of comfort to someone else going through a miscarriage, what would you say? (To the female and / or her partner)
If you'd like to follow along with the project, please come check out my Facebook page. ❤️
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