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Course Description
Welcome to Regents Chemistry. This course is designed to give you an in-depth view of chemistry and prepare you for college level chemistry courses in the future. Regents Chemistry is a conceptual/application course much like a math course so it will involve problem solving and a significant amount of time dedicated specifically to this course.
Flipped Classroom
As with most things in life, we learn best by practicing (sports, musical instruments etc.). My flipped classroom is not an Internet or online course. I have specifically designed this class to maximize “in class” as well as “out of class” time. At home you will watch short interactive videos where I will show example problems, explain concepts and provide opportunities for students to answer questions and get immediate feedback. In class we will apply those concepts learned at home through collaboration with fellow classmates, one-on-one discussions with the teacher (coach) and “hands on” activities that would be far too challenging to complete at home without any assistance resulting in a higher level of understanding.
Grading Policy
● Exams 50%
● Quizzes 10%
● Labs 15% (No late lab write-up accepted)
● Homework/Class Participation 25% (No late HW accepted)
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