SERVICE Evaluation Survey Questionnaire 2017
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What does define your status ?
Type of Institute
Choose Your Discipline
How did you come to know about (PASTIC)?
From where do you get scientific literature for research projects, assignments, reports/thesis?
Which of the following you find more useful and you would prefer to use.
Are you aware that PASTIC publishes an abstracting journal entitled “Pakistan Science Abstracts (PSA)” which is a collection of abstracts of research articles published in Pakistani journals?
How do you rate the importance of PSA for your research work?
Which version of PSA would be more appropriate for you?
Are you aware that PASTIC has developed a database on holdings of S & T journals in Pakistani Libraries entitled “Union Catalogue” for locating a journal in any library of Pakistan?
How do you rate the importance of this catalogue?
Are you aware that PASTIC publishes a Directory of S & T journals published in Pakistan?
How do you rate the importance of this directory?
Do you find it difficult to access Scientific Literature in Pakistan?
What are different problems you faced regarding collection of research material for your, research projects, thesis writing etc.?
What type of trainings do you think should be organized by PASTIC?
Thank You for your response and for helping us assess and improve our services!
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