JBF Gainesville Valet Tagging Fall 2019
Fall/Winter 2019 Valet Tagging Request Form, Please Read and Check all Terms and Conditions

Are you ready to join the fun?! Don't have enough time to tag or bring your items to the sale? Well, the JBF of Gainesville Valet Tagging Program is for YOU! With the Valet Tagging Program, you get the convenience of having someone else price, tag, store and take your items to the sale for YOU! All you have to do is take your items to your tagger and that's it! We have taggers near Lake City, High Springs, Newberry, Melrose, Gainesville, Trenton and Micanopy for your convenience and ease of drop off.

Here are some program details:
1. Fill out the form below with the requested information.
2. All items need to be sale appropriate. This sale, we will be accepting Fall/Winter themed clothing(assignment email will have a list of what's acceptable). Please inspect items for rips, stains, missing/broken buttons and zippers.
3. All toys need to be clean, all necessary parts included and working batteries. There will be a $1/battery charge if batteries are needed for an item and it's not included.
4. Car seats and Cribs are allowed(and sell great), just make sure there are no recalls on the items(if there are, make sure it's been updated/fixed), manuals are included(they are required in order to be sold at a JBF sale) and a crib and car seat waiver are filled out and turned into your tagger. Waivers are provided in your assignment email.
5. Maternity and Junior clothing is accepted and highly sought after at the sale. NO ADULT CLOTHING WILL BE ACCEPTED WITH THE EXCEPTION OF LULAROE!
6. You will receive 40% of all sold items or 50% of your sales if you become a Team Member by signing up for a shift at the sale!! A consignor fee of $10 will be taken from your check, so no upfront fee for that!
7. ALL ITEMS will be marked to reduce for half off day so you can sell even more. If your items are marked half off and donate, they will be reduced to 75% for breakdown shift volunteers to shop.
8. A $10 Valet Tagging Fee(cash only please) will need to be given to your tagger when you drop off your items. This fee covers hangers, cardstock and many of the other needed supplies to get your items sale ready!
9. Make sure all your items are in cardboard boxes or storage containers (will not be returned). NO BAGS ALLOWED!!
10. Valet Consignors must Consign at least 60% name brand clothing and no more than 40% value brand ex: garanimals, circo, old navy. Or Must have at least 3 large items (swing, car-seat, outdoor toys etc.) to participate in the program.
11. The program has a 100 item minimum to be able to participate, so please make sure you have at least 100 items. This way, you can make even more money!! Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. There is no maximum, so bring it all! Due to the amount of valet tagging consignors, you will have two weeks to meet with your tagger and drop off your items. If you can not drop off within two weeks, you will be moved to the bottom of the list for a tagger.
12. You and one guest will be able to shop the pre-sale time. Remember Team Members shop even earlier and receive that additional 10% on sold items. Joining our Team is a great way to meet moms, make money and have fun! Please check your email and the website for sale times and dates. You will also be able to shop the 1/2 off pre-sale time as well.
13. Within two weeks after the sale, you will receive a check for your items that you sold!!!

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Have you Consigned before? Please fill in your Consignor # if so, if not we will assign one for you *
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What area do you live in? This helps us match you with a Tagger close by! *
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Are you Donating unsold items to our Charity Partner or Picking Up? *
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Prior to dropping off my items with my tagger, I will sort through the items, pulling out anything that is not suitable (stained, wrong season, torn, out of date, etc.). I will be charged at .25 per item for rejected items after my 5 item grace from my check. *
I understand I need to have my items clean and prepared for my Tagger in cardboard boxes or totes that I do not need returned. I understand that bags are not accepted. *
I understand my $10 Cash Valet Tagging Fee and signed Valet Consignor Waiver is due to my Tagger at the time of my first drop off *
I understand that I can reach out to my Tagger or the Event Coordinator for advice or more information on how to have the best experience possible! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOU JOIN US! *
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I understand I need a minimum of 100 items or at least 3 large items! If clothing only 60% must be name brand.(This is to help you and your tagger make the most of your time) *
I understand that I can sign up to be a Team Member and earn an extra 10% on sold items, shop early and meet awesome other parents! *
I understand that once I have been contacted by my Tagger (48hrs after form submission) to set up a drop off, I have two weeks for that drop off. If I am not able to drop off in a timely manner I will be moved to the end of the list and possibly miss my chance to participate as a Valet Consignor. *
I understand that if I am not donating my items at the end of the Sale, it is my responibilty to pick them up during Consignor pick-up. I will find these times on the Website and Consignor only Facebook group prior to the Sale. If I do not pick-up my items during Consignor pick-up, I understand all items will be donated to the local Charity Partners. *
I understand and agree that Just Between Friends is NOT responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to my items. I am the owner of the items to be sold, and have full authority to sell the items. Each item offered by me is in good operating condition, reasonable wear and tear expected and is not broken, defective or damaged in anyway. Please Initial Below *
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