SiP goes Denmark
The final SiP goes Denmark registration form.
Please only fill this form if you are planning to join SiP goes Denmark. If you don't know yet, you can still join our FB group. However, places are limited and it really makes a logistical difference if we are with 18 or 28. (That is the difference of two cars and a half :) ) RSVP: May 4th.
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The detailed questions
Please answer the following questions (again). We know some of you already filled some of these questions in before.
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The GDPR and Creative Rights section
We all have heard by now of GDPR and the GDPR consent that may be needed when it comes to handling your personal data, including images of yourself. And then we have of course all the fantastic images you will be making during this trip. Given that The LEGO Group Social Media team will cover this toy safari, we like to upfront get your consent that by participating in the SiP goes Denmark safari, you agree that your participation in this event will be captured by TLG Social Media team and SiP (request one).

In addition, we will be making a memory book of the event for us that will be available for free in PDF, and available at print cost, if you want a table top version for your coffee table. For this, we would ask you to share some of your creative work you create during this period to be included (request two). For the avoidance of doubt: we are NOT planning to resell this book.It will be made available to you with a private link. One printed copy each will be provided to The LEGO House and the AFOL Department.

And lastly, we want to share some of our works shot during the exclusive LEGO House visit with The LEGO Group (they asked), and if you wish to share your image (really appreciated) a LEGO specific consent form will need to be signed (the same most of you already have signed before (request three)

GDPR Consent *
Creative Consent for SiP Coffee Book *
The LEGO Creative Release Form
The next few questions are for logistics ...
From cars to room planning.
Are you?
How are you travelling? *
If you answered car above, do you have free spaces in your car(how many) and are you OK to be one of our designated drivers between Billund and Arhus on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning?
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If you answered Plane, Train or Other above, would you be willing to be the designated driver of one of our rental cars? You do need to have a valid driverĀ“s license.
When are you arriving? *
When are you leaving? *
We have reserved some cabins in Billund for Thursday evening, but not enough for everyone... *
We are looking at reserving some AirBnB houses in Aarhus (and we can use some help as well) *
The Food Section
Breakfast we leave up to everyone to work out in their locations. Lunch we will be doing on the go and for dinner we will be looking at some places to have dinner together.
I am ...
Do you have food allergies ? *
Please describe any allergies or dietary requirements...
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And then the final question. Anything special you are looking for in this Toy Safari? Let us know below in YOUR answer.
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