*****IMPORTANT! Please read this in its entirety before completing this application. Once the application is submitted, be sure to submit all other documents to Sis. Amanda Cummings by specified date. Note: All applications and transcripts should be turned in ELECTRONICALLY, NO LATER THAN AUGUST 26, 2018*****

Scholarship Criteria

Mission: The FMCBC Scholarship Program strives to promote education through the awarding of scholarships. The scholarship is designed to encourage FMCBC members graduating from high school to continue their education at a college and/or university. (NOTE: Wherever college or university is used in this document, it also refers to technical college.)

Criteria: The criteria set forth by the Scholarship Committee are the following:
• Applicants must be members of the FMCBC.
• A complete application must be submitted electronically, along with proof of enrollment and/or acceptance at a college or university. As an example, a copy of your tuition receipt and/or a printed class schedule on an official college document is required. (Applies to ONLY First year students in college.)
• (This is applicable to ONLY those students who are already enrolled in college.) You must include with your application a copy of your official transcript and be in Good Academic Standing with your institution of higher learning. You must email your transcripts to: YOUR SUBJECT LINE SHOULD READ: last name, first name_transcripts. (Ex. PerryRoscoe_transcripts)
• Each student is eligible WHILE in school to receive scholarship funds, but you can receive it ONLY four (4) times (one per year) or until the age of 25 (whichever comes first).
• The applications must be submitted ELECTRONICALLY by August 26, 2018.
• The Scholarship amount will range between $200.00 and $300.00 per applicant per academic year.

Interview: Applicants will be required to participate in a face-to-face interview on Sunday, September 9, 2018, immediately following worship. Please be dressed in interview attire. Be ready to answer questions and provide input about your application.

Volunteer: Applicants will be required to volunteer, at least, 1 day of service during FMC’s Summer Enrichment Program. The program will be June 3-28, 2019, and runs from 9-1. You will be able to choose which day you come. More information will be given Spring 2019. Make note of this now so you will be able to comply next summer.

Special Instructions:
ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY, NO EXCEPTIONS. You must email your transcripts to: YOUR SUBJECT LINE SHOULD READ: last name, first name_transcripts. (Ex. PerryRoscoe_transcripts).
Upon your return of the completed application, it will be considered by the FMCBC Scholarship Committee. You will then be notified by September 16, 2018 if you are granted the scholarship aid. The award will be mailed to you at the address you provide below.

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Essay Section

One of the goals of the FMCBC Scholarship is to encourage its participants to develop into being all that they can be. This is consistent with the Church's culture of achievement. The committee believes that when an individual excels, stretches himself or herself, engages, chooses, or serves he/she helps not only the person(s) who receive such efforts, but the individual also helps himself/herself and others around him/her.
Why do you think you deserve the FMCBC Scholarship? (100-150 words) *
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As part of the application process, we are asking you to state, in 100-150 words, what you are doing (or might have done within the past 6 months) that shows that your actions fit into one or more of the following categories: Excelling (outstanding achievement(s) - grades, honors, and awards; Stretching (going out of your way to help people); Engaging (connecting with people in an effort to help them); Choosing (making the right decisions); Serving (helping people, especially the least of them) (100-150 words) *
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