My Language Story:  UIC = languageS

Share your language story, part of the wonderful diversity of the UIC community:

UIC students, staff, faculty, and alums:  what's your language story?  How have you experienced the languages you speak, learn, understand?
--as a native speaker of something other than English  (bilingual, multilingual)
--as a language learner at UIC or elsewhere (any language, including English, anywhere, including Study Abroad)
--as the child/family member of a multilingual family
--as a language teacher at UIC or elsewhere
--what language(s) do you use at work?  at home?  when volunteering?  with your kids/parents?
--any story about your experiences with language speaking or learning that you want to share

Read UIC Language Stories already submitted by  students, staff, faculty and alums on the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center website. 

Please forward this survey to anyone in the UIC community:  staff, faculty, students, alumni.

By answering the following questions, you agree that the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center may contact you and/or use your story on our website and social media. Participants will be identified only by first name.
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What language(s) do you speak or understand (including English)? Please list them all. *
If you are/were a student, please note major and year of (past or expected) graduation.
If you are/were staff or faculty, please note your title
What's your story?  Tell us any story about you and language:  your own language journey, your family's language, learning a language, living, visiting, studying abroad, language and your job, language as a temporary barrier, language as an asset...Do your languages connect you to family and friends? Give you access to new experiences? Have you forgotten languages you once knew? What inspired you to learn a new language (moving to a new place? talking to a grandparent? seeing a film?)?  *Your story can be as long as you like. We suggest 250 to 500 words, but shorter is also welcome. *
Would you like to be interviewed? We'd do a brief oral or video interview to post on the Language and Culture Learning Center Website. *
Suggest a friend!  If you know someone in the UIC community who speaks or understands more than one language, please pass on this form to them--and write their full name and UIC email below. *
Thank you for sharing your language story.
We will contact you via email with any questions and to ask for a photo for your story.  Please contact us at with any questions you have for us about this project.
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