Transform World 2020 Global Leadership Summit VIII, 2019 (International Registration)
To come together as a global family to serve the vision of transforming the South Pacific and beyond though engagement with the spheres, challenges & generations to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
* Dates: 15 October at 4.30pm - 18 October (midday), 2019
* Venue: Bethany International Church, Melbourne, Australia


Please check these before submitting the application!

General requirements for participation:
1. A person who is ready to help facilitate one of the 7 challenges and/or one of the 7 spheres in the region they are coming from.
2. Has the confirmation in writing of the overall facilitator to do that.
3. Will participate in the breakout sessions of 1) the challenge 2) sphere and 3) region they are ready to facilitate in.
4. Kingdom minded – seeking first the Kingdom of God and committed prayerfully to His Kingdom coming and His will being done in the geographic area where you are serving
5. Credibility. Each participant must be an active member of a local church/Christian community, recognized by the national leaders and respected by the different segments of the church as being in good standing in his or her immediate Christian community.
6. Connection. Each participant must be a bridge builder, seeking to establish connections between God’s people, nationally and internationally.
7. Cooperation. Each participant must work well with others, comfortably interacting and respecting them fully.

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