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VIP Details:
* $10.00 USD for 30 days.
* Skip the login queue.
* Support the server! ❤
* Furnace Splitter: automatically splits your materials when dragged into furnaces, camp fires, and refineries.
* Skins: change the look of your items with various skins.
* Upgrade Workbench: upgrade the workbench you are looking at, provided you have the required resources.

* VIP IS NON REFUNDABLE. This includes if you get banned from the server. If you intend to cheat or not play by the rules, do not purchase VIP.

* Please make sure you understand the rules in Discord channel #read-this-first before purchasing VIP. Link to Discord:

An invoice will be emailed to you each month. You can simply not pay the invoice and your VIP will end.
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