Return to Learn Survey for Parents
Welcome and thank you for taking our mandatory parent survey. Our goal is to gather information from parents to help guide us in the implementation of our Return to Learn Plan. As a reminder of what we are considering, here is a brief overview of the options the school board is considering:

Option 1: (Traditional Model) Our hope is that we will be able to return as many students to in-person learning as consistently as possible throughout the school year. If nearly all Easton Valley CSD families are comfortable sending their children back to school we will strongly consider starting the year operating a normal full-day schedule with safety precautions in place.

Option 2: (Hybrid Model) If a significant number of families indicate that they do not plan to send their children back for in-person learning at the start of the school year then our school board will consider implementing our hybrid model. The purpose of the hybrid model is to free up teachers who would be responsible for delivering online instruction to students whose families have opted for online learning.

In this hybrid model, all students would be invited to attend in-person learning all school day, every day of the week. In the elementary, our teachers would focus on the core academic areas such as reading, writing, and math every day from approximately 8:00 am - 12:30 pm. Lunch would be served daily for all students to eat in school and would be available for families engaging in online learning to purchase and pick up from the school.

In our JH/HS hybrid model, students will follow their regular schedule. Class times will be reduced to approximately 55 minutes per course for in-person learning. Students may be expected to complete some of their independent studies outside of class time.

After lunch, elementary families who opted for in-person learning would have two options. There child(ren) could be picked up from school to head home each day around 12:30 pm. The second option would be for their children to remain in school to participate in enrichment activities until 3:20. How and when we would provide transportation will be dependent upon data gathered through this survey. We are planning to offer a supervised study area for JH/HS students who do need to remain at school until the end of the traditional school day. For the purpose of this survey, please assume parents would be responsible for transportation midday and buses would run as they normally do around 8:00 am and 3:20 pm.

Families opting for online learning can expect a few significant differences from their experience last spring. Attendance and participation in the online learning will be tracked and required. Elementary students will be expected to engage in online learning related to reading, writing, and math daily. JH/HS students will have all the same expectations as their peers that are learning in person. Assignments will also be required in these core areas. We also plan to utilize a new learning management platform to organize and deliver online learning. We are planning to use the Canvas Learning Management System, which will allow for rigorous learning to occur whenever families are available to guide or support their children through the content. Please note that this delivery option will only be available when our school is in the hybrid or full distance learning models.

Options 3: (Full Time Virtual Learning) In the event that we have very few families interested in the online learning model, our school board may consider enrolling them in a third party educational provider. This would be done at a significant cost to the district since instruction would be guided by teachers outside of Easton Valley CSD.

Easton Valley Community School Safety Protocols

Entry to School
~Temperature scanning upon entry (100.4 degrees or above will be sent home after temp is rechecked in 15 minutes)

~ In the elementary, face coverings will be worn when social distancing is not possible. Face coverings may be removed at times in classrooms when students are spaced out.
~ In the JH/HS, face coverings will be worn at all times. Opportunities will be provided for students to remove masks when it is safe to do so.
~ Students and staff will be permitted to wear a face covering at all times if they choose
~ We are exploring plans to purchase multiple masks/neck gaiters for each student. Disposable masks will be made available when necessary in school.
~ Students will hand sanitize before entering the room
~ Students will hand sanitize before using any shared items in the classroom (manipulatives, toys, equipment, etc)
~ Efforts will be made to minimize the sharing of any items as much as possible
~ Shared items will be sterilized as often and as consistently as possible
~ Clear face shields will be worn by staff and possibly students when working together in small groups and/or in close proximity
~ Anytime students switch classrooms, the shared surfaces in rooms such as desks, chairs, objects, etc. will be sterilized and cleaned before the entry of the next class.
~ Teachers in grades 4-6 will be departmentalizing with teachers moving between classrooms not students.

~ Face coverings must be worn on the bus and on school vehicles at all times

~ Face coverings must be worn in hallways when students are in transition times

~ In the elementary, we will make every effort possible to have no more than 2 grade levels in the lunchroom at at time.
~ Students will be social distancing during lunchtime.

Shared Classes (music, PE, etc)
~ Efforts will be made by teachers to minimize physical contact during activities (smaller groups and rotations)
~ Sanitize items before and after each class
~ Face coverings in music (if doing vocal activities)

Mixed Groups (Special Education, etc)
~ Teachers may pull students from multiple classes to learn together in the special education and intervention settings, etc
~ Whole class shuffling/mixing of students for activities such as HAWK HUDDLE time will not take place this school year.

~ Efforts will be made to keep grade-level cohorts in separate areas of the playground or in in the event of inside recess, different rooms/gyms

Visitor Policies
~ At this point, visitors will not be allowed in the school except for pre-approved reasons.
~ If there is a parent meeting that is being requested for any reason, face coverings must be worn by everyone in attendance.
~ All meetings will be held in the conference room or via zoom.
~ Parents coming to pick up children earlier than dismissal time for any reason will be asked to wait in the main entryway lobby. Parents can communicate with the office staff through the phone located in the lobby

~ Assemblies will be live-streamed into classrooms for students to participate in.

Extra-Curricular Activities
~ Students will be required to participate in face to face learning in order to join extra curricular activities

Thanks again for taking the time to answer our survey,

The Easton Valley Administration Team and Easton Valley School Board
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