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Vision: Through leadership, operations, education and engagement, Western is a zero waste campus.
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Goal 1: Eliminate standalone landfill bins through the installation of uniform waste collection receptacles across WWU.
• Objective 1.1: Provide appropriate compostable bag liners for all compost bins currently in use [beginning date].
• Objective 1.2: Provide portable recycling and composting receptacles with appropriate signage for all events hosted on Western property and by Western affiliated groups [beginning date].
• Objective 1.3: Eliminate paper towel waste on campus [by date].
• Objective 1.4: Expand and improve collection of non-traditional recyclable materials [beginning date].
• Objective 1.5: Install uniform waste collection receptacles in all buildings across campus [by date].
• Objective 1.6: Identify funding source to expand Big Belly recycling program [by date].
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Goal 2: Institutionalize management practices and policies for waste collection receptacles.
• Objective 2.1: Establish Zero Waste Western as the hub of waste management on campus [by date].
• Objective 2.2: Continue to develop a waste management team across stakeholders to address issues and propose improvements to waste reduction systems [by date].
• Objective 2.3: Formalize Big Belly recycling stations as a campus standard with the WWU Facility Design and Capital Budget staff [beginning date].
• Objective 2.4: Formalize Western's plastic water bottle ban [by date].
• Objective 2.5: Continue to improve student accountability for their contribution to the waste stream.
• Objective 2.6: Manage waste wisely at all events hosted on Western property, and by Western affiliated groups [beginning date].
• Objective 2.7: Continue to improve and enhance waste data collection.
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Goal 3: Educate all Western faculty, staff, students and visitors on accepted waste reduction practices.
• Objective 3.1: Continue to create and improve opportunities for students to be directly involved with Zero Waste Western.
• Objective 3.2: Continue to provide and expand waste reduction education.
• Objective 3.3: Improve training to all staff that handle recycling and composting [beginning date].
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Goal 4: Reduce electronic and hazardous waste.
• Objective 4.1: Create a University-Wide centralized chemical purchasing system [by date].
• Objective 4.2: Reduce co-mingling of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes [by date].
• Objective 4.3: Improve university wide procurement and usage of computers, especially in general use computer labs [beginning date].
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