Spaces In Action: 2020 Membership Card +
Congratulations! If you're receiving this message it is because you're listed as a 2020 Member of SPACEs In Action!

Thank you so much for being part of our SPACEs In Action family. We are a grassroots membership based organization. We work with families who are determined to impact systems changes. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to organize.  We appreciate you for standing with us at this time especially as our Black and Brown lives are in danger not just from health concerns but also due to police brutality.

We are a multi-ethnic organization that is black-led so it is our top priority to continue to grow our base and elevate the voices of our members as we step into our collective power.

We want to show our appreciation by giving you, your membership card and thank you letter!!! YAY!! There is still so much work to do but we also have to acknowledge achievements,  like you becoming a member of SPACEs In Action.  

There are different issue areas from early learning to healthy equity that we can tackle together.  Select a campaign(s) and let's step into our power.

1) The Spaces In Action website is in the process of being redesigned and will go live before the end of July.
2) The Spaces In Action Newsletter will be released soon!
3) We will be resuming our Leadership Academy meeting this month!
4) Your Membership card, a Spaces In Action mask (while supplies last), and a thank you note will be on their way to you once you complete this form.

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Are you interested in fighting to holding the Federal Reserve accountable.  They have the mandate to lowing the unemployment rate and stabilizing interest rates.
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Are you interested in working with Don't Mute My Health and working on the Healthy Beverage Choice Act to reduce sugary drinks and make health choices more accessible?
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