Wetu Operator Survey
The purpose of this survey is to find out what you like and don't like, to learn how we can improve. Thanks for your help!
1) Which Wetu tools do you use?
2) What outputs from the Itinerary Builder do you use?
3) We've worked hard to create our shiny new TravelKey app. What kind of feedback have your clients given you about it?
4) Is the new Itinerary Builder an improvement on the old one?
5) Do you find the Itinerary Builder easy to use?
6) Does the Itinerary Builder save you time?
7) Would you say that interactive itineraries improve your chances of converting an enquiry?
8)Tell us if there's anything you would change about the new Itinerary Builder?
Any aspects of the new builder you find difficult to use or any aspects you would like included etc.
Your answer
9) Do you tell your suppliers to update their content regularly in Wetu?
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