SIGecom Job Candidates 2018
Just like in the last couple of years, this year there will be an article in SIGecom Exchanges profiling the current junior job market candidates from the SIGecom community. These profiles will include a research summary, brief biography, and up to three representative papers. At least one of these papers should have appeared in EC or a comparable venue. To get a sense of what these profiles will look like, you can go over the last years' articles:


Job candidates should initiate their submission no later than July 1 (submit a form including all the fields marked as required). The submission can then be edited until July 4 (re-submit with *all* the fields filled out). No new submissions will be accepted after July 1. Contact Vasilis Gkatzelis ( if you have any problems or questions.

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Representative Papers
Please provide references for up to three representative papers of the job candidate. These references should follow exactly the format used in the previous years' articles: title of the paper, followed by initials of conference or journal in parentheses, followed by "with", and the list of co-authors (only the initial of their first name). Here are a few examples: "Verifiably Truthful Mechanisms (ITCS 2015) with A. Procaccia ", "Hardness Results for Signaling in Bayesian Zero-Sum and Network Routing Games (EC 2016) with U. Bhaskar, Y. K. Ko, and C. Swamy", and "Tight Bounds for Online Vector Bin Packing (STOC 2013) with Y. Azar, S. Kamara, and B. Shepherd".
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