Green Lobby Days Survey
Greens from all over the USA will join together April 1-5, 2019 to lobby their congresspeople by asking them to take the the “Public Funding Only Pledge“. Additionally, they will be asked to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill in Congress to free our elections from any sort of bribery cash: special interest PAC, corporate or dark money donations. Instead, qualified candidates from every party would get an equal chance in TV, radio and printed ads, debates and appearances. This would allow other voices to be heard and the American voters to be aware of all of their choices.

We are hoping to take data from this poll to Green Lobby Days. Please help us by completing the survey by 12:00 midnight EST, March 25th, 2019 so we can process the findings. Please visit our website for more information: If you would like to take this poll to the streets, you can print it out here: Send your results to

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1.Are you a registered voter in the USA? *
2. What is your state?
3.Do you think that there is too much money involved in our election system today? *
4. Did you know that there is a law in the Federal Criminal Statutes that is being ignored which states: "Giving anything of value to any candidate for office in order to influence their decisions is a punishable crime to the elected official and the entity offering it"? (see answer in section 2.) *
5. Were you aware that by eliminating this money and funding all elections with public funds would actually save taxpayers money? (see answer in section 3). *
6.Did you know that there is one national political party with all of their candidates refusing to take any corporate, special interest PAC or dark money funds ? (see answer in section 4.) *
7.Would you like new parties to have an equal chance to give their ideas and solutions? *
8. Did you know that there is a websites that you can check to see who donates to candidates and another website that shows how members of Congress vote? (See answer in section 5.) *
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