LAUSD Induction: Education Specialist
By completing this document, you are indicating that you would like to be considered for the LAUSD Induction program for Education Specialist Credentials.

The requirements for acceptance into the Induction program are:

1. Current contracted teacher with LAUSD
2. Must be working in a Special Education setting their current credential authorizes
3. Must hold a preliminary (any specialty) or Level I (MMD or MSD only) Education Specialist credential verifiable via the CTC website:
4. Teachers with a Level I MMD credential will have to already hold or earn the Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD-AA) to complete the program

Once you complete this application, your information will be verified and you will be contacted by with next steps.
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Where did you earn your Ed Specialist Credential? Example responses: Out of State, CA University (please indicate name of university), LAUSD District Intern Program; LACOE District Intern Program, OTHER. If OTHER, please explain.
If you earned your credential in CA, have you already passed the RICA exam?
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