GG Rebel Diaper Bag Questionnaire
Be the coolest and most prepared mom on the block. Help me design the ideal GG Rebel Diaper Bag!
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Are you a Mom?
How much would you spend on a diaper bag?
How long would you use a diaper bag for?
Would you want your diaper bag to look like a "regular" bag?
What material would you like to see?
Which Silhouette would you prefer in a diaper bag in?
Do you like your bag to be structured or slouchy
Which interior compartments/pockets are essential to you?
How important is a zipper top
Nah, a snap is fine
It is a MUST
Would you use GG Maull straps to attach your bag to your stroller, or is a simple "Mommy Hook" easier?
Let's talk hardware - what would you like to see?
Tell us about some other brands you've seen, tried. What did you like or dislike about them?
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