Parent Survey on In-Person Learning
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CMSD plans to resume in-person learning in the fall. How comfortable are you having your child(ren) return to the school building? *
CMSD plans to resume in-person learning in the fall. How concerned are you about your child(ren) health? *
Does your child or anyone in your household have health concerns that would prevent your child from returning to in-person learning? *
CMSD plans to resume in-person learning in the fall. Assuming appropriate safety measures are in place, what is your most preferred method of learning for your child(ren) this 2021-2022 school year? *
Choose your child(ren) method of transportation to and from school for 2021-2022 school year. *
What is the most convenient way to contact you as a parent? *
Do you have Internet access at home? *
Does your child have reliable access to a tablet, laptop, or computer? *
How likely is that someone will be able to provide learning support to your child if a virtual learning option is offered? *
How did your child progress academically this school year? *
Learning loss occurred this school year. How much academic support will your child need upon returning to school in the fall? *
What subject will your child need the most extra academic support in? *
What additional academic supports would you like offered to your child(ren) to address learning loss? *
How concerned are you about your child's social-emotional well being? *
Not at all concerned
Extremely concerned
What are some safety measures you would like to see in place before your child(ren) returns to in-person learning?
How can the district support you with returning to in-person learning or virtual learning?
What are some social-emotional supports you would like offered to your child(ren)?
Is there anything else you would like to share about your preference for returning to school?
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