Jesus Among Other Gods
Who is the Central Person in all Human History?
Course time: 10-15 minutes
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INSTRUCTIONS: Watch the video and answer the following questions.
1. The 4 main world religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. *
10 points
2. Who do the 4 main religions have in common? *
10 points
3. The Koran teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin. *
10 points
4. Buddhists believe Jesus is... *
10 points
5. Jesus says that He is NOT the only way to God the Father. John 14:6 *
10 points
6. TIME magazine called Jesus the “single most powerful figure...” *
10 points
7. God has made it difficult for people to find Jesus. *
10 points
8. Jesus is your ONLY Way to God the Father. *
10 points
9. Have you given your life to Jesus? This question is not for points. To learn more about Jesus email us at
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