Human Anatomy Lab UGTA Application
CURRENT STUDENTS: Please do not apply until you can make firm commitments to your availability and until at least 2 midterm scores have been posted. Currently enrolled students may not be considered until third midterm scores have been posted.
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What grade did you earn, or are you earning, in IPHY 3415? (Must be B or higher)
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How many credits have you already earned in IPHY 3010 (teaching in IPHY)? You may not earn more than 6 credits.
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How many times have you been a UGTA for human anatomy lab?
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If you have been a dissecting intern in the past, please indicate the semester, year and name of the lead dissector you worked with. If you have not, please write "no".
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Internship Only Vs. UGTA +/- Internships
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Are you only interested in applying for a dissecting internship? If you answer yes, you will skip the UGTA application. If you answer no, you will have the option to apply for an internship after you apply for the UGTA position(s).
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