Decipher Your Quilt - a survey
The Decipher Your Quilt series is aimed to take the mystery and difficulty out of understanding the blocks in your quilt and other related parts of quilt making that require calculation. We hope that your answers will help us to tailor our Decipher Your Quilt series to our audience. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions so that we can make the series useful and fun.

- Jess and Leanne

Do you enjoy quilt math?
When you see a block you like, are you able to make one for yourself without direction?
Do you have trouble finding the block in a quilt?
Do you own a compass - the kind you find in a geometry set that is for drawing circles?
Do you have graph paper?
Do you have trouble figuring out how big your quilt will finish at?
Do you find it easy to increase the size of a quilt?
Do you find it easy to increase the size of a quilt block?
Do you have trouble calculating the size of borders if you are adding them without a pattern?
Do you know how to check the accuracy of your 1/4" seam allowance?
Do you dislike making half square triangles?
Do the points on your stars and half square triangles sometimes disappear into the seam allowances?
Would you like to pose a question for the "Dear Jess and Leanne" segment of the series
Questions will be posed anonymously and may be a composite of several questions we receive. There is lots of room here to write, don't let the size of the box fool you.
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