FLY Karma Yogi Application
Karma Yogi cleaners are an invaluable part of our team! This program is an energy exchange. In exchange for a weekly 2-hour evening shift keeping the studio and studio equipment sparkly, our karma yogis receive free unlimited yoga and retail and workshop discounts. As a part of the FLY team, our Karma yogis are always invited to social gatherings we have outside of the studio too!

- 2 hours of cleaning per week, every week, on a set day of the week.
- On the first week, Karma cleaners have an extra night for training, preceding their regular cleaning night.
- Minimum 3 month commitment.
- If you have to miss your shift that week, you will be required to find another cleaner to trade with within the month
- Maintain open communication with the Karma Yogi Organizer if a switch is made with another Karma Yogi
-If you are unable to make your shift and tell the Karma Yogi Organizer less than 24 hours before the shift and you can't get it covered, you will get a "strike". If you get two strikes in the first three months or three strikes in one year, you will be asked to leave the Karma Yogi program.
- Communicate with the front desk employees if you are running late for your shift.
- Willing to use common cleaning products.

- Free, unlimited yoga at Firelight Yoga!
- Free rentals! (mats, mat towels & shower towels)
- 20% discount on retail purchases at the studio!
-$30 to use on retail or class packs for friends each time you remain in the program for three months!
- Become a part of the Firelight fam!

If you feel like you are a good fit for this program, please fill out the form below!
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