How Empowered Are YOU?                                  

How would you answer this question right now?

Just think about it for a moment and give your answer a number from 1 -10 and jot it down.
Then, proceed to the questions below.

There are 3 sections with only 5 questions each.
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Connection to Authentic Self
Using a 1 – 10 scale (where 1 = low and 10 = high), score the following 5 questions:
How well do you think you know yourself (ie.: values, beliefs, patterns)? (1-10)
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How familiar are you with your purpose/passion in life? (1-10)
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How aware are you of your natural/innate gifts and talents? (1-10)
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To what degree are you living your life your way/on your terms? (1-10)
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If you scored high on all or most of the above questions, CONGRATULATIONS!  That’s amazing and you are in the highly self-aware club!   If you are somewhere in the middle or even in the low zone, don’t worry!  You are not alone because this club has the most members.  Being authentic is feeling and being at peace with who you are.  Many women struggle with feeling authentic because of the way they were brought up and how they were influenced by their culture.   Women, especially young women, look to the media to find their identity or a way to define themselves.  But the authentic self cannot be found in the external world.   It is found within each individual woman, on the inside.   The best way to discover your authentic self is to get curious about it, about YOU.  Not from the perspective of what you’ve been told about who you are or who you should be, but by discovering what you really want and what you are actually, truly passionate about.   Being empowered is knowing you can make your own choices in life and taking action on those choices.   Does your total score for this first section reflect the number you assigned just before you started?
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