"The Rainbow Poetry Project" - An Anthology and Solo Poetry Book
Call for submissions:

ONLY 20 Poets will be selected and included in the book!


Nature has presented us with a variety of colours. A pure white light giving life to a rainbow. Each colour speaks for itself with an emotion. Like the feelings within us in diverse shades. Sometimes light, sometimes dark, the spectrum of these hues is within us and continue to nurture. As we grow, we learn to express and communicate our emotions. A simple expression turns into a verse and the collection of these words, curates into a story. A journey of life, with a variety of emotions, is painted into poetry of colours. We present to you the Rainbow Poetry Project. We have a theme to represent each colour. You can choose your own theme or write at your free will.

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THEME: We are inviting poems from various themes. We will put them all together to create a beautiful poetry Book.

Poetry Theme: Various Themes and Topics

- Poems should be minimum of 6 lines and a maximum of 40 lines.
- Email your poems in a single word file to poetryproject.artson@gmail.com
- Fill up this form and share about this project on your social media account

Last Date to Submit Poems: 31st March 2021

Note: Read all the details before you apply

Contribution Fee:

- 1 Poem - INR 1100
- 3 Poems - INR 1900
- 5 Poems - INR 2800
- 7 Poems - INR 3200
- 9 Poems - INR 4000
- 12 Poems - INR 4900
- 15 Poems - INR 7000

- Book will be published as a paperback
- Authors will receive 2 copies of the book

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22. Dandelion Dunes, A book on love, healing and self-revelation
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